This work was done during one weekend by research workshop participants and does not represent the work of Apart Research.
AI Governance Hackathon
Accepted at the 
AI Governance Hackathon
 research sprint on 
July 21, 2023

FGA Ratings Syste

In this report we propose a scoring system for rating how safe an organization's policies, research, and products are towards advancing AI capabilities in a similar manner to how ESG ratings work with regards to a company’s environmental safety. We name this rating system FGA which stands for Forecasting, Governance, and Alignment. We do not claim to provide one coherent final structure but rather take the approach of proposing multiple hypotheses and show the inroads for thinking about each we could come up with in the time frame of the hackathon.

Ben Hayum, Austin Witte, Jonah McGarvey, Satya Sai Srinath Namburi, Akhil Polamarasetty
4th place
3rd place
2nd place
1st place
 by peer review