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Apart Lab is a research accelerator for ambitious and enthusiastic individuals across the world to speed up their impact in technical AI safety with senior advising, project management, and a highly collaborative environment.


Apart Lab Members

The Lab has hosted 50 researchers to date, with over 30 active researchers at any given time. Our talented team focuses on high-impact research areas such as evaluation methodologies, benchmarking, interpretability, and AI control. Most of their work aims for peer-reviewed publications, and some of their research has been utilized by prominent organizations like the OpenAI Superalignment team, the UK AI Safety Institute, and Anthropic.

Meet some of our fellows below and explore our publications here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about Apart Lab

The Lab is a research accelerator that helps you fast-track your career in AI safety research. We provide access to top-notch advisors, project management support, and research assistance to ensure the success of your research projects.

Our ultimate goal is to help you publish your work in leading peer-reviewed academic conferences and journals, such as NeurIPS, ACL, and ICLR, where you can receive valuable feedback and witness the impact of your research on the AI safety community and get valuable career capital for your next steps. Below, you'll find answers to all your questions about our program:

What are typical outcomes from the Apart Lab fellowship?

The typical primary research outcome is a published peer-reviewed paper. Depending on the project’s nature, the primary outcome may also be research software or a product prototype. Secondary outcomes additionally include conference presentations, posters, blog posts, or other kinds of outreach or publication.

What are some examples of different types of outcomes?

How long does the Apart Lab fellowship take?

The fellowship aims for efficiency and timeliness, but the exact duration will depend on capacity of the involved team members and difficulty of the research project. We aim to complete the project (typically, with a publication-ready draft) within three to six months.

What type of support does the fellowship offer?

Support includes mentorship from experienced researchers, research project management, access to resources like GPUs, and a collaborative research environment with a cohort of like-minded Apart Lab fellows.

What does mentorship look like at Apart Lab?

The mentorship includes research guidance from experienced AI safety researchers, as well as support via research project management. Mentorship and  project management happen via regular meetings with the whole project team, as well as in a 1-1 setting on demand.

Who are the mentors in this program?

The mentors at Apart Lab are experienced researchers and professionals in the field of AI safety and related areas. Read more about our mentors here. Apart Lab also maintains connections with external researchers to provide additional feedback to our Apart Lab fellows.

Can the fellowship be completed remotely?

Yes, the fellowship is designed to be completed remotely and independently of time zones, offering flexibility and accessibility to participants globally.

Is there an option for in-person collaboration?

The fellowship primarily operates remotely, but there may be opportunities for in-person collaboration depending on the project and location. Please approach us individually about this so we can discuss the options.

What is the expected weekly time commitment?

The weekly time commitment is flexible but must allow meaningful progress on the research project, meaning typically at least 10 hours per week.

Will Apart Lab fellows be lead authors on their papers?

The research projects will be owned by Apart Lab fellows who will become the lead authors on resulting publications. As usual in academia, first authorship and coauthorship will be shared with anyone substantially involved in the research process depending on their contributions.

Can fellows co-author with external researchers in the field?

Yes, Apart Lab supports collaboration and co-authoring with external researchers, subject to the relevance and alignment with the research project.

Are stipends or other forms of financial support available?

We are currently applying for funding to support fellows with stipends bound to project deliverables; however, we do not have funding confirmed for this at the moment so cannot make any promises. As part of our mentorship, we will offer support for fellows to apply to outside funding sources wherever possible.

Will participants receive credentials for their fellowship involvement?

Participants will receive recognition for their involvement primarily via authorship on any publications. We also provide graduates of the Apart Lab fellowship with certificates of completion.

What are the primary research areas of the fellowship?

Research at Apart Lab focuses on core topics within AI safety, including model evaluations, model interpretability, multi-agent systems, and AI governance.

How does Apart Lab communicate and collaborate?

Communication and collaboration at Apart Lab happen asynchronously via Discord and other remote collaboration tools, as well as via regular (online) meetings within the project team, within the whole lab cohort and in 1-1 settings with mentors and team members.

How does project team collaboration work?

Apart Lab helps setting up teams for efficient collaboration, with clear roles and responsibilities, owned and driven by the lab fellows themselves but with support and guidance from Apart Lab mentors.

How is project progress monitored and evaluated?

Progress is monitored through written updates and regular check-ins, project milestones, and feedback sessions.

How is feedback provided?

Feedback at Apart Lab happens in meetings with Apart Lab mentors as well as peer-to-peer within the project teams and the lab cohort.

How can I apply to the Apart Lab fellowship?

There is no application. To join the fellowship, join one of our Apart Sprints. We invite the most promising teams to join the fellowship.

Who can join the Apart Lab fellowship?

The fellowship is open to individuals with a strong interest in AI safety research and the required skills, as demonstrated during one of our Apart Sprints. No formal credentials are required.

What are the diversity and inclusion policies?

Apart Lab’s explicit goal is to allow everyone across the globe to participate in AI safety research according to their capabilities. If you feel uneasy about joining Apart Lab because you feel you might not fit in, please get in touch at contact@apartresearch.com so we can figure out how to best support you.

Are there networking opportunities with experts and peers?

Yes, the fellowship provides networking opportunities through team collaboration on research projects, mentoring with senior researchers, and events and interactions with the wider Apart Lab community.