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Artificial intelligence will change the world. Our mission is to ensure this happens safely and to the benefit of everyone.

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Foundational research for safe and beneficial advanced AI

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We aim to produce foundational research enabling the safe and beneficial development of advanced AI.

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Interpreting Context Look-ups in Transformers: Investigating Attention-MLP Interactions

Clement Neo*, Shay B. Cohen, Fazl Barez*

Increasing Trust in Language Models through the Reuse of Verified Circuits

Philip Quirke, Clement Neo, Fazl Barez

Sleeper Agents: Training Deceptive LLMs that Persist Through Safety Training

Evan Hubinger et al.

Large Language Models Relearn Removed Concepts

Michelle Lo*, Shay Cohen, Fazl Barez

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Luke Marks*, Amir Abdullah*, Luna Mendez, Rauno Arike, Philip Torr, Fazl Barez

[Read Publication}

Interpreting Reward Models in RLHF-Tuned Language Models Using Sparse Autoencoders

Alex Foote*, Neel Nanda, Esben Kran, Ionnis Konstas, Shay Cohen, Fazl Barez*

RTML workshop at ICLR 2023
[Read Publication}

Neuron to Graph: Interpreting Language Model Neurons at Scale

Albert Garde*, Esben Kran*, Fazl Barez

NeurIPS 2023 XAI in Action Workshop
[Read Publication}


Philip Quirke, Fazl Barez

[Read Publication}

Understanding Addition in Transformers

Michael Lan, Fazl Barez

[Read Publication}

Locating Cross-Task Sequence Continuation Circuits in Transformers

Michelle Lo*, Shay Cohen, Fazl Barez

[Read Publication}

Neuroplasticity in LLMs

Clement Neo*, Shay B. Cohen, Fazl Barez*

[Read Publication}

Interpreting Context Look-ups in Transformers: Investigating Attention-MLP Interactions

Detecting Edit Failures In Large Language Models: An Improved Specificity Benchmark

Jason Hoelscher-Obermaier, Julia Persson, Esben Kran, Ionnis Konstas, Fazl Barez

ACL 2023
[Read Publication}

Sleeper Agents

Evan Hubinger et al.

[Read Publication}

Deception Detection Hackathon: Preventing AI deception

This event concluded on
Jul 1, 2024
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Join us to develop methods to detect and measure how deceiving current AI models are. We'll hear from top researchers in the field and collaborate to build original research projects during the weekend.
Jun 28
Jul 1, 2024

Deception Detection Hackathon: Preventing AI deception

Independently organized SprintX
Virtual & Local

Deception Detection Hackathon: Preventing AI deception

Deception Detection Hackathon: Preventing AI deception

Independently organized SprintX
Virtual & Local

Welcome to the Flagging AI Risks Sprint Season. From March to June 2024, Apart is hosting four research hackathons focused on catastrophic risk evaluations of AI. See the hackathons above and stay updated by signing up!

What does Apart do?

We solve high-impact, neglected and tractable problems in AI safety

Field-building for AI safety

Our initiatives allow people from diverse backgrounds to have an impact on AI safety. On 7 continents, more than 200 projects have been developed by over 1,000 researchers. Some teams have gone on to publish their research at major academic venues, such as NeurIPS and ACL.

High-impact research

We engage in both original research and contracting for research projects that aim to translate academic insights into actionable strategies for mitigating catastrophic risks associated with AI. We have co-authored with researchers from the University of Oxford, DeepMind, Edinburgh University and more.

A vision for the future

Our aim is to foster a positive vision and an action-focused approach to AI safety, a commitment underscored by our signing of both the Statement on AI Risk and the Letter for an AI Moratorium. We are privileged to not only be tightly connected with but also actively develop a large community in AI safety.

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