This work was done during one weekend by research workshop participants and does not represent the work of Apart Research.
AI Governance Hackathon
Accepted at the 
AI Governance Hackathon
 research sprint on 
May 10, 2023

AI Impact Assessments

We propose implementing an Artificial Intelligence Impact Assessment (AIIA) as a part of the EU AI Act, modeled after the 1985 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs) Directive. The AIIAs aim to anticipate, evaluate, and mitigate existential and societal threats from AI systems.

Elliot Davies, Bart Bussmann, Karina Nikita Knudsen, Mathias Buhl Gilje, Rasmus Clausen, Simon Kran Christensen, Santeri Koivula, Magnus Jungersen
4th place
3rd place
2nd place
1st place
 by peer review