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If you have not found the right role on our careers page, you are invited to express your interest with us using the form linked here.

We value talent and potential, regardless of background and location. We are also open to a wide range of experience levels. Come join us!

About Apart Research and Apart Lab

Apart Research’s mission is to ensure that the changes brought about by artificial intelligence happen safely and to the benefit of everyone.

Apart Lab is our remote-first AI safety research fellowship for training a global community of researchers and producing foundational research to mitigate risks and reap benefits from advanced AI.

Indicators of an Ideal Fit

  • Excited about AI safety and Apart Research's approach
  • Exceptional communication and documentation skills
  • Proactive, reliable, and productive in remote-first environments
  • Experts in their field, driven to contribute towards a safer AI future
  • Experience with academic ML research
  • AI research engineering experience / experience with specific ML frameworks

Guidance for this form

  • If you are in doubt, we encourage applying directly to open positions listed on our careers page.
  • If our current roles don't align but Apart Research excites you, this form is the right one for you. We're always keen to discover potential collaborators for future projects.
  • We carefully review every expression of interest. However, we'll reach out only when a suitable opportunity for collaboration arises. Should you seek a quicker response or have specific questions, please contact us at hello@apartresearch.com.

If the above resonates, we’re excited to hear from you!

One more thing: If you come from an underrepresented background in AI safety research and have felt like you might fit in with more traditional organizations, please reach out to us. We’re convinced that AI safety has to become a global and highly diversified effort and are building our org around that conviction.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to hello@apartresearch.com. We are happy to hear from you!